The land of extremes

It was my first week in Death Valley National Park, and the air was a crisp 122 degrees. Hotter than I am used to. I am engulfed by mountains thousands of feet tall, yet I stand at the lowest elevation in North America. My supervisor tells me the valley’s topographic origin story, the salt basins’ origin, and the moving rocks. I quickly realized that Death Valley is the land of extremes—the hottest place in the world, and the driest place in North America. To get from site to site, we drive for hours. Death Valley is the largest continental National Park, spanning over 3 million acres. I hear of floods that have occurred and heat waves. Death Valley is also one of the most susceptible areas to the impacts of climate change. What an interesting place. And what a great place to have the opportunity to work in. My work in the decarbonization of energy will have a real purpose for my colleagues who live here year-round. I get the opportunity to experience the power and force that Earth can bring. I am excited for the weeks to come.    
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