The Future Is Bear

What’s going on everyone! A lot of great things happened this week. First, let’s pay our respects to the bears. This week in the KLGO we had our first bear advisory go into effect. We were advised not to hike on our own as there were reports of bears being too friendly with humans. I have yet to see a bear. I’m still on the fence on whether I want to see one though.

Back to the good stuff. It was my first week working the line. I staffed the Visitor Center and Junior Ranger Activity Center. In the KLGO we are the nation’s only park to have a JRAC housed in a historical saloon! The center allows children and those young at heart to complete hands on activities to learn the history of the town, and earn their Junior Ranger badge. For example, children learn words such as, perseverance, bravery, entrepreneur, luck, and heritage. They are asked questions like “what does bravery mean to you? And “tell me a time when you were brave?” Then we provide interpretation on how gold prospectors embodied the chosen theme. I love working with children so it is heartwarming to see children play dress up, and see their eyes light up as they take the oath to become Junior Rangers.

Also, it was a week of a lot of what we call “prep time.” Basically reading, researching, and putting together interpretation programs to teach visitors about the Klondike Gold Rush. Do you all want to learn something interesting? Well you have no choice. One thing we don’t talk about in regards to the Gold Rush is how the media played a role in creating a mass migration to the Yukon. So, let me tell you. The Quaker Company (oatmeal) started selling cereal boxes that contained a 1-square inch certificate of land in the gold fields. However, it was all scam because the certificates were never validated by the company. To date, this is one of the most successful business strategies in North America. Now, Seattle invested millions of dollars to create an 8-page special “Klondike Editorial” that was sent to all public libraries in the United States to attract gold prospectors to the Yukon. These are just a few examples of the many that exist. But, I want you to think about the push and pull factors that influence migrations in our current time.

(Me enjoying the sun on a hammock)

Personally, it was my three-day weekend. I spent a lot of time at the gym. I sat on a hammock and enjoyed the sun. The KLGO family hosted a Saturday pot luck. Let me tell you. I was so full that day. I loved it. The food was delicious, beautiful and homemade. (Picture below). The people were great. I also found out about hamburger nights. Every Wednesday a church feeds the whole town burgers and hot dogs. If there is food I am there. Alright for now, that is all, but stay tune next week for more Edgar shenanigans.

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