The End of a Chapter at Lincoln Boyhood

Hello everyone, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this internship definitely went by quicker than I expected. I can’t believe it’s already that time where we’re getting ready for our presentations in DC. To recap this chapter of my life as an LHIP, we’re going to look at everything I manage to accomplish as well as the things I got to experience. So, grab a glass of wine (or apple juice) and let’s take a look at how my summer went at Lincoln Boyhood.  


When I first got there, I got to experience a lot of 4th grade field trips and got to listen to my coworker talk to the groups about the cabin and Abraham Lincoln as a boy. This is where I got to learn a lot about him and his childhood. I continued to use this information throughout my stay at the park. I also liked walking up to the farm to feed the chickens (aren’t they cute? :)) 


Then, I started working on the outreach events. These included attending a carnival and setting up booths for two days. I also did two readings with a ranger in two different cities. That is where I got to read to the kids in Spanish. Lately, I’ve been focusing on the Latino Conservation Week. A booth will be set outside of the visitor center for 3 days. I will talk to the visitors about my internship as well as the importance of conservation especially in the Latino communities. Then we will have guide led hikes in which I will be doing the Spanish led hike as we want to be accessible to the Latino community. I’ll be doing the booth for the whole week and the hikes for 3 days. I think working front desk a lot as helped me prepare for this moment as I got to practice talking to the visitors a lot. Then, that will wrap up my outreach events. After that, it will just be practicing my presentation and finishing my artwork.  



I hope everyone enjoyed their internship and got to learn just as much as I did. I look forward to meeting all of you at DC! :))

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