The Dog Days are over in Nome by Gisel Adame

You read that right! The Dog Days are over for summer in Nome. All weekend I have heard, “Wow, you came at a great time. Usually when the interns come, it’s hard to get them out here. Their flights are delayed or they experience some really muggy weather”. I responded with, “I know how to bring out the sun when I am around! Must be my magic!”

Here in town the locals have been dealing with some consistent rain and snow, but despite that, the temperature has given them a nice 50/60 degrees. The weather the weekend I arrived was so sunny that everyone was out at the beach for a bonfire. I was so excited because in California, we are not allowed to burn at the beach.

Pictured in the photo was Asp, a really sweet male dog that belonged to someone at the beach. It was really nice to see everyone having a blast in the sand. I was able to meet other park rangers and their families. The experience was so enjoyable because everyone was enjoying the weather, eating barbeque hot dogs, and watching the sea ice stay frozen on the North Pacific Ocean. The photo I took was around 8 PM. As you can see, the sun was bright and shiny.

I did my best to be as social as possible, and even spoke with someone who took care of the mushing dogs. I love other dogs as much as I love my own, so I definitely asked many questions about the sled dogs’ participation in the Iditarod. The Iditarod is one of the sled dog races that occurs in Nome, AK. Per the Visit Nome Alaska website, “Iditarod is a 1,049 mile trek through some of the most extreme wilderness in the nation”. Unfortunately, since this occurs in March, I did miss it by two months. I did hear about how taking care of the sled dogs is a lot of work, but they are the sweetest normal dogs you could have. These dogs also live to around 16yrs of age, which is amazing for any dog!

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