The Chilkoot Trail

What is going on everyone?! There are only two weeks left of my internship. I am extremely sad that it is coming to an end. The people have been amazing. The scenery has been amazing. The work has been amazing. Part of my park experience is to backpack the Chilkoot Trail to get a better understanding of the tremendous journey prospectors undertook for hope at a better life. At first, I was skeptical of doing it. I have never backpacked in my life and I did not think I was made for it. I doubted my ability to hike and my ability to survive in the wilderness. The day before we left, I almost requested not to participate, but then how was I supposed to grow if I did not push beyond my comfort?

(On my way to the top) 

(View of Deep lake) 

(Crater lake) 

(View of lake Bennet) 

Four days later and I am extremely grateful that I decided to backpack the Chilkoot Trail. The hike was beautiful. Me and Devon were carrying 30+ pound packs and still completed the hike without any incident. I met an amazing Canadian family who kept motivating us to finish and change the world. After hiking the Chilkoot Trail, I emerged as an individual who was empowered. I learned that all my life I have feared “no.” I never pushed myself outside of my comfort zone because I was scared to be considered a “failure.” Coming to this internship was the first step in breaking that cycle in order to ensure that my community will not have to go throw what I did. For now, enjoy the pictures. Next time you will hear from me, I will be in Washington, D.C.

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