The Best Week…Yet!


Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park

John Muir’s Home

Although a short week, it was one of the best weeks so far. Every week I feel this internship just gets better and better. I really like being able to experience living and working in the Bay Area, not only because of the things there are to do outside of work but because of the great national parks in the area, as well its direct connection with the Trail. Today I was able to visit another small portion of the Trail, and experience what the small centers along the Trail are like. What was great about this park was that it was somewhat two for one–the John Muir National Historic Site is the location of Muir’s house as well as the location of the Vicente Martinez Adobe, one of the people who came on the Anza expedition. I have always loved John Muir because of his great contribution to the preservation of the natural world around us, and the founding of my favorite club, the Sierra Club. He is also known as the father of the National Park Service, so it is pretty neat learning about him considering that I am currently interning for the Park Service. I loved being able to see where Muir began his writings and had his ideas on the preservation of the land, that became famous and true to this day. Seeing the adobe on the Muir land was also pretty fascinating, because it showed the history of the land. First the land was claimed by pioneers of the Anza expedition, but it was then taken by others as more people settled in the area. After visiting this park I was also able to go to the Rosie the Riveter World War II museum in Richmond. I learned so much about what was going on at home during the war. Many times you hear the overall situation of what was going on in the actual war, but not what the people who stayed behind went through. My favorite part of this museum was seeing the role that the iconic Rosie the Riveter had in the whole situation. It was the beginning of the empowerment of women, and showing the world that women can step up to do the job like or better than a man. Another great part that the museum incorporated was the large migration at that time of people into the town of Richmond from different races, who were all coming together to help those in the war, and that, for this moment in time, America was united. I really enjoyed being able to go to these museums and see a part of history, and although this was great and amazing I think the best part of this week has been getting my internship extended for a few months. I am feeling so lucky to have this opportunity, and am very thankful to be able to continue my work here at the Trail for a few more months and being able to experience the Park Service a while longer. Well, that’s all I have to report for this week, till next week!    

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