The Best Parts of My Internship

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The Summer season has completely taken over Roanoke (and the rest of the world with record high temperatures on July 4th); it has been quite warm lately. I am not sure what feels stronger– the warmth of North Carolina sunrays or the heavy weight of humidity. Some days, going outside feels like you are stepping into a sauna. I don’t particularly mind this experience, especially towards the end of the day when I can quickly walk home, grab a bathing suit, and head to the beach.
The best part of floating in the water, which feels like a heated pool at sunset, is seeing the ospreys fly overhead as they hunt for fish. Dinner time!
When I am not at the water, our visitor center is where you can find me. I most enjoy making educational programs. I am currently giving Freedmen’s Colony programs to visitors– I was definitely a bit nervous the first time I gave it (and the second 😉 ) but now I find it quite gratifying moving through the story with people. Additionally, I am working on an artistic component for a nature/subsistence program that will teach people about the seasonal foods available on Roanoke island. The program is titled ‘What’s for Lunch’ specifically uses accounts from a few hundred years ago. The last program I am assisting with, headed by a Fish and Feathers intern, is a fishing program that describes the historical techniques of Indigenous and Black fisherpeople.
Question: when was the last time you saw a ranger program at a National Park site and what did you learn from it?
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