The Best Of The Best

Colorado National Monument is a beautiful place to be.  I recently arrived from North Carolina with my father on a three day trip.  So far I have run into plenty of new obstacles that I will have to overcome while participating in this internship! The altitude itself has created a harsh environment for me. I have already felt light headed and fatigued most days. Even harsher is the heat. Coming to Colorado during the summer is the hottest time of the year, especially in the park where it is dry. There are can also be monsoons during this time of year and the park must adapt and adjust quickly to the weather. It is obvious to me that in the days I have been here it clearly takes the best of the best to work in the harsh conditions as well as do their jobs effectively and efficiently everyday. I have already had the privilege to meet the team I will be working with. Matthew is the head of the team and the head of the Archaeologists and the GIS program in the Cultural and Resource Management Division. I am looking forward to working with him and learning everything he knows about the artifacts and the area itself. Working alongside of him are two other archaeologists Tracy and Allison both extremely intelligent and capable. There is no question that I will be gaining a tremendous amount of experience over the course of the summer! I can’t wait to share what goes on in my first week, stay tuned!

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