The BEST Gift Shop items to get at the Grand Canyon!! :D

Living here at the Grand Canyon, I not only get the privilege of living a five-minute walk from an absolutely stunning view but also the pleasure of living right next to multiple amazing gift shops. All of the gift shops have their own unique little knick-knacks and characteristics that you can’t help but adore them. I, of course, have my own favorites and suggestions that I would love to tell all of you! 

One of my definite favorites is the Maswik Lodge gift shop. It’s really convenient because of how close it is to the residential village, but they also have a restaurant, buffet-style course, and lodging! In terms of actual content, I believe that they have a very diverse amount of products that can appeal to every type of tourist. They have a few good quality expensive clothing, but also cheaper still pretty shirts. They have an entire fudge bar that the kids always LOVE. They have every single type of prickly pear treat you can think of (as it is the signature flavor of the park). I was able to find great souvenirs, especially for my boyfriend’s family! They had grand canyon golf balls, prickly pear jam, stickers, gummies, and so much more. Definitely one of my favorites you could only buy things from here and be extremely satisfied with your visit. It is a bit off the path from the Rim trail, but it is still a beautiful walk through nature to get to. I highly recommend it!!

Once you get on the rim trail, the first gift shop you will run into is Kolb Studio. I forgot to take a picture, but felt it was worth mentioning 🙂 It is owned by the cutest people who are always SO NICE. The lady complimented my shirt the last time I was in there and I was so appreciative. They also don’t have any tax! The best part is that they have a downstairs that is basically a little mini museum where you can learn some cool facts about the canyon!

If you keep walking down, you will eventually run into the lookout studio.To me, it is extremely average with the same products as every other gift shop, but just a little more expensive. I would recommend going inside but only because they have an amazing view of the canyon that you can step out into and take some great family photos. The staff is also extremely nice! They have bookmarks that I didn’t see anywhere else otherwise it is a pass on the purchasing side.

Next on the list is the Bright Angel Trail Lodge gift shop. I will admit, I have never once bought anything from here because it is also just a lot of repeats, but they have a lot of cool things too! They have a variety of children’s books and cool cups if you have enough space in your luggage. The AC is also amazing here, so just stopping by will surely help you no matter what. They are also always EXTREMELY crowded so be very weary. They also have a small food stop right outside where you can get some overpriced menu items, but it is really nice and simple to buy making everyone love it so much.

Walking a bit further you will see the El Tovar Hotel. They also have a bit of a pricey gift shop there too. I would only recommend going to either check out their restaurant or chill out on their patio. They have some very convenient tables and chairs for guests to rest on that are under some shade making the temperature always extremely better in that location.

Right next door is the Hopi house. This is an absolutely beautiful gift shop. It is based on the Native American tribes that reside near the Grand Canyon and there are multiple that are associated with them. There are so many breathtaking crafts that they have. The jewelry is so pretty that even though it can be very expensive it is still worth to just look and admire to all of the hard work they put into these crafts and how skilled they all are. I would 100 percent recommend stopping here and reading all of the informative cards that they have explaining everything. They also have really neat shirts that you will not find at any of the other gift shops. It is definitely the most unique one that you can visit at the park. 

Lastly, we have Verkamp’s Visitor’s Center. It is honestly a really cute one that most visitors go to in order to get information or look at the small gallery inside. They have some cute little gifts in there I got a little stuffed animal and a lot of magnets from here. They definitely have the best-priced magnets here would highly recommend them if that is your go-to souvenir.

All in all, the Grand Canyon has an expansive gift shop area that has something for you or someone else in your life. I hope you enjoyed my feedback and enjoy your trip to the Grand Canyon 😀

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