The Beginning

Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Vital! This is my post before I begin so I’m very nervous. To begin I was born in Alabama to a wonderful mother from Oaxaca and a great father from Zacatecas, and I’ve lived here all my life, which some people may find kind of boring, but I love it, I have so many great friends, and I know every road like the back of my hand, which helps a lot when traffic kicks in. I graduated from high school as part of the class of 2017, and I have completed my first year of college. My major is electrical engineering and I hope to help create awesome inventions for the military and also for civilian life while at the same time trying to protect all life which, my motivation may or may not have been billionaires Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.

 My days when i’m not in college or working usually consist of fishing, Youtube, Netflix, or doing the jobs my dad tells me to do, but mostly fishing. I will go out of my way on a gut feeling to find a good place to fish from the bank, and while I only catch and release, I am working on my cooking skills. I hope that by the end of the summer I can make some of the best fillets ever known to man, woman, and child. I also participate a lot with the youth in my community, I help with camping trips and retreats. Through participating in events I have made a lot of great friends that I would never have met any other way.

If you were to ask some of my friends what I am like they would first say, ” Who are you?”  but afterwards they would say that I am someone who is very laid back, but always planning something and making backup plans. An outdoor type person and very energetic; an honest person who may be very brutal; a dependable person who can’t grow a decent beard, and a person who tries anything except roller coasters.

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