The beginning of my Summer Journey

     My first weeks at the park have been full of new and exciting experiences. Working at a national park rich with natural, historical, cultural, and archaeological resources like Monocacy National Battlefield has provided me with different concepts and perspectives. Coming from a rural town in Puerto Rico made me develop a deep connection with nature. When I was little, I would spend countless hours observing the flora and fauna that surrounded me. Those experiences became the basis for my passion for the environment and prompted me to jump into experiences like this one.

It’s the first time I have been out of my country for more than two weeks. Being far from my home and family has been a challenge, mostly when you are used to certain flavors, smells, and features.

     During my short stay, I have been able to learn about the park’s resources. Being part of this internship has already allowed me to network with students and professionals that have the same passions as me. So far, I have met the Superintendent, other interns, and staff members who will all be incredible resources for the development of my project. Everyone around here is full of friendly talks and shares the same objective: to educate the community about the importance of a national park.

     Working as a Latina in the United States has also allowed me to give voice to my heritage, background, and culture. Coming from an underrepresented community and being a part of such an inclusive organization as the National Park Service inspires me to be the portrayal of my people. Because of that, I aim to create an understanding of the importance of broad opportunities for all.

I just started three weeks ago. Nonetheless, my experience has been filled with amazement, learning, and discovery. In the following months, I aim to face new challenges and acquire professional experiences that will help me in the future.

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