Thanks For the Memories!

It has been a great experience working for the National Park Service this summer. I spent my last few weeks with the Park History Program, finishing transcribing an oral history interview with the Richmond Chapter of the Urban Archaeology Corps at the Maggie L. Walker NPS. The interview was as great as I remembered it to be and it was great to see the students get exciting about collecting and recording more oral histories from the Gravel Hill Community. My supervisor and I were pleasantly surprised when the students sent us thank you cards; it definitely made our day!


I also spent the last few weeks of my time at WASO, completing a database of Maritime Museums in the U.S. for the Maritime Heritage Program. Many of the museums which I found for the database have some really great programs that are offered to the public. Most people tend to experience museums as places in which you can’t touch things to experience them however, many of these public programs are very tactile and hands on, definitely brings out a different side to museums. Some of the museums listed on the database are also NPS sites, which shows how many varied ways people can experience the National Park Service. I am now home and ready to begin a new chapter of my life. Thanks for the memories!

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