Ten Weeks Have Passed: Un resumen de Mi Verano.

Ten weeks have passed. Time flies and I can’t believe my stay at Point Reyes National Seashore has ended. I had an incredible time and the summer of 2019 is now the best summer I have ever had.

Ten weeks have passed. The field surveys alongside the park’s biologists have given a complete new perspective on what lies ahead after I am done completing my wildlife degree this upcoming year. Seeing spotted owls, snowy plovers, capturing steelhead fish, and getting to see distinct aspects of elk research have been life changing and inspiring experiences. The biologists were very helpful and each one shared insightful words that I will take with me.

Ten weeks have passed. Latino Conservation Week was very special because I had the opportunity to share my passion for nature with amazing people. First the event at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary allowed families to dance, play, and to learn about our natural environment while building a sense of joy and togetherness. My “We’ll Explore the First Mile” hike gave me the opportunity to expose people to the natural beauty of Point Reyes National Seashore and I got to experience what it’s like to plan, and lead an event. I had an amazing group of people, the hike was fun, lengthy and I received important feedback from my supervisor.

Ten weeks have passed. Blue Ranch, the place where I lived in point Reyes National Seashore. Blue Ranch is a beautiful place where the sun, its sunsets, the ocean, the fog, and wildlife gathered to make me feel right at home. After living in urbanized settings for most of life I tend to forget that places as peaceful as Blue Ranch exist. Blue Ranch is one of those places that you think of when you hear the opening lines of In My Life.

Ten weeks have passed. Point Reyes National Seashore is more than a seashore and more than a lighthouse. I had so much fun exploring the forests, wetlands, beaches, ridges, sand dunes, and grasslands. My program’s coordinator and her daughter said it best when they visited, “it feels like we’re in a different day,” a comment they made as we travelled from the valley to Chimney Rock. Please visit Point Reyes National Seashore, it’s beautiful.

Ten weeks have passed. The wildlife at Point Reyes. The wildlife at Point Reyes. Wow. Birds, mammals, fish, intertidal invertebrates. Wow. I shake my head at the thought of every animal that I got to see. Some the highlights included spotted owls (obviously), snowy plovers (for my Humboldt heart), black oystercatchers, a kildeer, bat stars, elephant seals, ospreys, a white-tailed kite, river otters feeding on a brown pelican, coyotes howling outside Blue Ranch, a salamander, two long-tailed weasels. Wow. I will be coming to spot those that hid during my ten weeks, I’m looking at you bobcats, “common redpoll”, and whales. I never took the wildlife that surrounded me for granted.

Ten weeks have passed. How about my experiences with the public. As an introvert I thought it was going to be challenging to talk to visitors. It was not difficult and maybe I am not an introvert after all. There were a few times where my voice was done. I talked to a lot of visitors specially during the last few weeks. Talking to people at the visitor center could be repetitive, but I learned to embrace it. I had a lot awesome interactions with the public (especially when we talked about the wildlife). My experience with the public gave my public speaking skills, a much needed boost of confidence.

Ten weeks have passed. The division of interpretation of Point Reyes National Seashore is full of amazing rockstars. Every member of the staff is very flexible, kind, knowledgeable, patient, gifted and everything in between. I feel so lucky I was able to work each and everyday with this amazing group of beautiful of people. My last few days were very nostalgic, it was painful saying goodbye to each member of the division. I still do not know how I managed to avoid crying during each goodbye. I cried after, I will tell you that and I am crying now. Tears of joy. Interp staff, los admiro y los quiero mucho. *(I forgot someone in my last blog To May: Thank you for your kindness, the laughter and good spirits).

Ten weeks have passed. Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP) is an incredible program. I have no words to express my gratitude for everything this internship has provided me. From personal to professional growth, to an introduction to amazing people that work for the National Park Service. For allowing me to meet other people who share my passion for nature, those with my background and much more. This is an excellent program and I got to meet people (LHIP alumni) who are living proof of its potential success. I hope the program continues going forward because there are a lot of amazing individuals who have much to offer to the National Park Service and society as whole. 

Ten week have passed. To everyone: work hard, be kind, dream big, believe in yourself, take care of each other, take care of yourself, learn from each other, be proud of who you are, take care of your natural environment, take care of the wildlife, be persistent, smile, cry, and smile again. I believe in you.

Thank you for joining me. I appreciate your time. Los quiero mucho. 

Special thank you to Lupe, Rulas y Rooney (my family), powerful Ranger Arreglo, Dalia Dorta. Gracias por creer en mi.

Kevin García López

“You belong somewhere you feel free.”

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