Teamwork Time!

Although I’ve always had to plan events for smaller groups of people throughout college because of my various work environments, I’ve always done so alone.

Recently, in preparation for Latino Conservation Week and the Annual Sweetgrass Basket Festival in Mount Pleasant, I and the rest of the team here at Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter have had our hands and calendars full.  In the past three days I’ve had five meetings with completely different entities. It has been so interesting to see what the decision making process is like for planning larger events. The level of collaboration and efficiency that goes on behind the scenes is extremely impressive. It has been very humbling to be able to watch these groups of people have their own distinct visions for what they would like an event to be, come together and combine forces to make sure that the final product is a combination of all of the best ideas for the project to then come to fruition.

I’m starting to see that there is an immense level of planning and attention to detail behind many of the events that I had never given much thought to. It’s pretty spectacular.

I’ve also been able to converse with different people through these meetings that really represent the community in ways I have not been able to engage with yet.

The engines are turning and I’m very excited to share my final project plans with you guys once things are finalized!

¡Hasta la proxima!

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