Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Am I RIGHT?

Dear reader,

Time is crunching down quickly. With only a few weeks left of this internship looking back on my time here one thing keeps coming to mind. How did I get so lucky to be placed at a site with such an amazing team? I wasn’t really sure if I would fit in when I first got the internship. I had heard that the National Park Service (NPS) wasn’t diverse, and that divisions/departments were divided. I wanted to be a part of that change. Being the first at something isn’t always easy.

During my last internship, I was the only person of color and the only one who spoke Spanish. I felt very isolated from my culture and my language.

The team at Salem Maritime National Historic Site and Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site have been so supportive, kind, helpful and most importantly respectful. I did not expect to leave this internship having made such great friends and long lasting networks in the NPS. This internship has given me the opportunity to create change but also watch how much change has already happened! These sites specifically have taught me how far kindness can take a team. Although I am technically a part of the interpretation team, I feel very connected to everyone at the site.

From feeling included to being able to speak the same language with my coworkers to having another intern to share my experience with I have gotten so lucky.

Talk to you soon!

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