Summer at the Seashore

Hey Everyone, I’m Roxana Saravia and I’m back for a second season as an intern with the Latino Heritage Internship Program! I will be returning to Fire Island National Seashore (FIIS) for some more fun (and hard work) in the sun. If you are tuning in for the first time, you can read more about my last season at Fire Island on this blog. When we last left off, I mentioned that my internship had been extended. I remained at FIIS until November, and definitely made the most of my experience. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue learning about FIIS and the National Park Service.

What I’m most excited about this summer is working at Watch Hill. The marina underwent a renovation last season to repair damage from Superstorm Sandy. It’s nice that I still get to experience something new at the park. It also means that there will be more to do! I’m looking forward to the canoe training later this season, since it’s something I didn’t get to experience last season. I’m sure it will be fun and challenging. This summer I’m really interested in learning more about the employees and volunteers from around the park and how they experience FIIS. We all experience our national parks differently. We all have different roles and duties at the park, so we all get to see a different perspective on how the park runs. I feel like this will be a great opportunity to get to know more about those that I work with, and a great opportunity to teach others about what it takes to keep a national park site, like Fire Island, running.


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