Summer at the Department of the Interior

Hello again,

My name is Steven Esparza. For this part of the summer, I am continuing my architectural internship in Washington, DC at the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) office in the Department of Interior – Stewart Lee Udall Building. As previously mentioned in my last blog, my project is creating a 3D model of the Rio Vista Farm in Socorro, TX. I am currently combining my architectural building plans with the building data that was created from our scanner. I have had to learn two new software in order to do what I am currently doing.

I have been staying in the Foggy Bottom Neighborhood. On weekends, I spend my time walking and jogging by the Potomac shore. The weather is sunny, humid, and misty. The summer brings a lot of people to experience the holidays and festivities that the city hosts.

I am looking forward to the progress I will make in a couple days and what else I will have learned.

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