Summarizing My Experience

Hello Again,

I am wrapping things up in my architectural internship with the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) office in in Washington, DC.

My part in this project is finished. For the past couple of days I’ve been working on making my work more presentable and aligned with the work of the other LHIP intern in the office who is working on the same project as me. Most of my days consist of printing my drawings out in 24 x 36 dimensions and taking notes on any suggestions, such as line weights, scales, and placements. My supervisor encourages this practice in order to see my work from a different perspective.

I’ve made some significant accomplishments from when I started the program. My site visit in the beginning of the program seems like it was a few days ago and the summer went by very fast in D.C. I’ve definitely learned a lot from the HABS office. This was my first experience practicing  architecture in an office setting versus an academic one. This experience has defiantly aided my understand of what the professional setting is versus an educational one. On top of this, I learned some new software and preservation skills that I am looking forward to using again when I return to New Mexico.

The following image is a picture of me working the scanner that was so crucial to collecting data for the project. I look forward to talk more about this in the upcoming LHIP workshop this coming August.

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