South Florida is where it’s at!!

As an intern at Everglades National Park, I have had a lovely time here, full of exciting new discoveries and unforgettable events. I am really grateful for this opportunity. Not only will I miss the gorgeous ecology that the Everglades have to offer, but also the abundant wildlife that I was able to observe there, despite the fact that it is the wet season and most of the animals are dispersed because the water is more widespread. The people that I have come to know and care about the most throughout my time here will be the ones that I miss the most when I go, particularly everyone on the education team. It was very different from the state park in Connecticut where I had previously worked, so it was the first time that I had the opportunity to collaborate with a group that was predominately Hispanic. Although I was the only person of Hispanic or African heritage at the state park, it was a wonderful experience to work with people who are generous and friendly. The first two months of the year were packed with exciting new experiences, which I greatly appreciate because it gave me a better idea of how extensive the park is. There are four visitors centers and the area encompasses about 1.5 million acres. Both Biscayne National Park and Big Cypress National Reserve were on my itinerary during my time in Florida’s national parks. It was fascinating to see what the various parks had to offer as well as the ways in which their respective environments were distinct from one another.My participation in the Internship Program was the best choice I’ve ever made, especially in regard to the beginning of my professional life. As a result of moving out of my comfort zone and meeting a large number of individuals who share my values, I have developed a far deeper appreciation for what Everglades had to offer. 

On our journey to the brand-new Guy Bradley Visitor Center, Laura the Teacher Ranger Teacher, Jessica from Fish and Feathers, and I!

Beautiful moments of exploring the Park trails with the Education team.

A evening stroll just out front of the housing.

Had a chance to adventure to Big Cypress National Preserve!

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