Something Special!

This internship has brought so many opportunities, and has given me experiences that can last a lifetime! Recently, our park just celebrated the 122 year anniversary of the arrival of the infamous S.S. Portland that contained 1 ton of GOLD! This event sparked the Klondike Gold Rush and forever changed Seattle to the city we now know today. In just a couple of years, the cities population boomed and businesses expanded, leading to stores we still have today such as Nordstrom and Bartels. Because of this amazing event, King5 news station came to interview our park to learn more, luckily for me it was also Latino Conservation Week (LWC)! I was able to talk about LHIP, LWC, and how that all relates back to the Klondike Gold rush. 122 years ago, Seattle was a rising city, where community and connections were vital to the success of the city. Community and connections are still essential today in our day and age. Throughout my time here, I have strived to create as many partnerships with the local Latino community. When my internship ends, I will leave knowing that I added something to the history of Seattle. Maybe 122 years in the future, what I did will be continued and recognized.

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