Something Special: Meaningful Connections

One of the biggest things about the internship has been the exposure to wonderful people. My experience at Point Reyes National Seashore would not have been as incredible if it wasn’t for everyone I had the pleasure to meet and work with. The following individuals deserve all the recognition and gratitude:

Ranger Carlo Arreglo (my supervisor): As well-rounded as it gets and then some. He is a textbook birder who loves to share “classic” bird identification characteristics with anyone within the vicinity. He’s by far one of the kindest persons I have met—there’s not a single grain of saltiness in him. Everyone will agree with me that after you have a conversation with him, you leave with a bag full of knowledge and a smile.

As a supervisor Ranger Arreglo has given a virtuoso performance. He provided me with amazing wildlife opportunities alongside Point Reyes National Seashore biologists and these experiences have molded my views about my career. He always provided constructive feedback after my performances and events; truly something I respected and needed. This internship did not have a single low point (because of Carlo). Instead, it was full of highlights, challenges, laughter, knowledge, and confidence building opportunities that helped me develop as a person and as an aspiring biologist. Carlo is an exceptional person, and as my mom says “es un ejemplo a saguir”.  Thank you for this opportunity, for the laughter, the experiences, and the memories. 

Diego Morales: is a Mosaics in Science intern that has worked with me this entire summer. It has been a pleasure to work along with him and this experience shows how much people can accomplish when they work together. Although he insists he’s not a passionate fan of animals, he had a great time coming out with the ecologists during field days along with me and never complained. I must thank him for his support and for his amazing photo coverage during all the events we were involved with. We worked together for ten weeks, but it only took a few days to realize Diego is an awesome coworker. Now ten weeks into the internship he has become my “colega,” a true friend, and someone I identify as my brother. He’s a total professional and will excel anywhere he ends up. Thank you Diego.

There is always a concern about including the names of people in blogs or social media, but I think it’s important to recognize the people who work hard. It’s important to recognize the people who inspire others. Recognizing these individuals is not done enough in our society for this I would like to include the name of the amazing members of the Division of Interpretation of Point Reyes National Seashore:

John Golda: Thank you for believing in the Latino Heritage Internship Program, for your insightful words, and humor.

Dough Hee: Thank you for inspiring me with your work ethic and professionalism.

Anela Kopshever: Thank you for your awesome energy, it’s inspiring.

Marybeth Shenton: Thank you for all the support you have given me, you’re a professional—it has been an honor.

Chris Lish: Thank you for all your dedication and for all your patience.

Fiona O’kelly: Thank you for all your support and kindness. It means a lot.

Pascal Sisich: Thank you for all the laughter and support.

Rebecca Hartman: Thank you for being an awesome colleague.

Marie Wright: Thank you for always providing enrichment opportunities, kindness and support. Electrofishing changed my perspective about fish biology.


Thank you for all the excellent work that you for the National Park Service and for Point Reyes National Seashore. 


Muchas gracias a todos. Nos vemos pronto.


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