So Long for Now

Hi y’all! While my goodbye to the GW Parkway was about a week ago, let me write to you now about it. The final week was filled with a lot of goodbyes and finally getting to do some inventory of the Arlington House collection.


Waiting in line for a US Capitol tour.

On 8/1 my advisor Kim and the other curator Layesanna took me into the city to get a tour of the US Capitol and to visit the Smithsonian Botanical Gardens. Kim had passes so we could go into the viewing galleries for the House of Representatives and the Senate, but because we were pressed for time I only went into the House wing. We also had lunch at Maketto, a kind of farewell lunch. I really appreciate that Kim made so many arrangement for me to meet with and view several museums, collections, and just other related things in DC. They were experiences not many have.   On Wednesday, 8/3, I attended a fun SCA event at Fort Hunt. They set up games and interpretation tours of the park and it was a beautiful day out. It was nice to just run around and play some fun games instead of cleaning the house or sitting at the desk. But I did that anyway most of the week, reviewing some oral history transcripts for the P.O. Box 1142 Project. Layesanna had a presentation after I left on the project and I heard it went well, so I’m glad I could help.

Interior of the NPS 100 photo gallery

On my very last day Kim, Layesanna, and I visited the National Park Service Photo Exhibit at the National Natural History Museum. The photos were beautiful. It’s amazing how many natural and historic beauties we have in the United States. I would love to visit Mt. Zion one day.   My last day at GW Parkway was pretty relaxing since I couldn’t start anything I couldn’t finish so I folded the dusting rags and did the webinar scheduled for that afternoon. Then I got Alex, a fellow Latino and ranger to take a photo of me with Arlington House. As much as I loathed dusting it, I did appreciate it. Robert E. Lee might not be the most loved figure in U.S. History, but he did try to redeem himself after the war. And his wife’s home and land played an important role in DC/Virginia history. As much as I learned about how the Park Service works and basic museum collections skills, I feel like I learned more about myself and feel slightly more confident in my skills now that I have worked in the field, even for a little bit. Sure, I’ll need more experience, but I know there are people who see the promise in me, not just my parents, who can help me along the way. So this is my last entry. Thank you to the Hispanic Access Foundation for choosing and supporting me and a shout out to all the other great interns in the LHIP program. We are amazing and I know we’ll do great things. Over and out! Me with a big Arlington House pillar. Joyska    

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