Sharing what NPS means

Is the NPS obscure to minority communities? Many minorities grow up not being exposed to park space, and, thus, they grow up without the incline to visit national parks. It is a sad truth to know that people with the same background as me will never experience what I am experiencing. I have been asked, what should be done to draw more underrepresented minorities into the park? I think that the first step is to educate the public about the meaning of the NPS. Therefore, in the new junior ranger book we are going to include fun facts about the NPS! I think it is a good way to remind the public that behind such great programs, like the junior ranger program, there is the NPS who is striving towards bringing everyone to national parks. More and more I am immersing myself in this mission to bring everyone into national parks. What if there were a sector that was in charge of this? Imagine all the new programs that would arise, there would be so many new opportunities. Now that most of the new activities I have written for the new bilingual Jr. Ranger book have been revised, I have begun translating them into Spanish. I had never done much translating, and, therefore, a bit nervous about this but it really has been coming naturally to me! It is also a push for me to practice my Spanish writing skills, because it is a gift that should never be lost. (I spy a Tule Elk!) _MG_6221(Attending ranger programs to take photos for the interp division is always fun)

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