Sharing Untold Stories from the Olmsted Firm – Brian Mecinas

Preparing manual camera settings and familiarizing myself with the DSLR camera provided by the Olmsted site for filming of the three videos.

Throughout my time as a Visual Media Intern this summer at the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, I’ll be overseeing the creation of three different videos from start to finish. As part of the Interpretation and Education team at the site, these videos are meant to serve as an additional resource for visitors and other people looking to get a deeper look into Olmsted’s long lasting legacy and influences as they learn about him. 

The three videos I’ll be creating cover the topics of: 1) mental health, park accessibility, and Olmsted’s work, 2) essential work of women behind the scenes of the Olmsted Firm, and 3) the Olmsteds and their influence on the National Park Service. For the latter two videos, I’ll be collaborating with other members of the Interpretation and Education team at the site, but the first video is left entirely up to me in terms of content. I’m excited to bring the idea I have in mind to life and make modern connections between Olmsted’s work and the importance of equitable access to green space to promote mental health, especially during straining times such as those throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are a lot of different visuals in the personal choice video I’m working on first that will take time to collect and edit to be shown in the way that I envisioned them during the storyboarding process, though I appreciate that I’ll have the flexibility of taking breaks on this video to work on the other two, as this provides a great opportunity to draw inspiration from other source of content and from the other concepts I’ll be portraying in the videos with entirely separate topics. 

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