Sedimentary Stories and Punk Rocks

Nothing but loving and learning and growth here at Island in the Sky!

One of the things I’ve been working on this month is creating interpretive programs for Canyonlands. More specifically, the geology program. Canyonlands is a geologist’s dream, with a variety of rock formations that tell the story of Earth’s ancient history. Canyonlands has all sorts of interesting sedimentary geology all over the park, and I was assigned to create a fun, engaging 20-minute program educating visitors on what kind of rock formations they can find in the park.

I decided to run with it and I created my geology talk on “Speed Dating Rock Formations”! I give the visitors a quick rundown of Canyonlands’s geological layers, introducing each rock formation as if they were potential dates. I highlight their unique characteristics and personalities, making the information memorable and entertaining. For example, the White Rim Sandstone is the elegant diva of the group, always standing out with its white appearance. The Moenkopi Formation, on the other hand, is the creative, artistic soul, full of vibrant reds and browns and intriguing patterns.

One of my favorite parts about my program is seeing how visitors engage with the information. They’re usually amused and laugh at the rock puns I throw in the program. For instance, whenever I talk about the Wingate formation, I describe it as “tall, dark, and handsome, like a Hollywood star.” After the rundown, I love to ask visitors their personal favorite rock formation. Based on their responses, I tweak my program to keep everyone engaged and excited about the geology around them.

Creating this program was a rewarding experience. It’s informal and fun, allowing me to connect with visitors on a more personal level. I’ve had some great conversations and learned from the diverse perspectives of park visitors.

In the upcoming weeks, I’m looking forward to my first backcountry trip on the White Rim! During the first week of July, I’ll be backpacking with my supervisor, Lauren, and rangers Colin and Peyton. Later, backcountry ranger Nate will join us. This trip is something I’ve wanted to accomplish this summer— part of it makes me nervous, but I’m also very excited. Preparing for the trip has been quite the adventure in itself. I’ve been packing my gear, planning meals, and mentally preparing for living without modern amenities. We’ll have no running water, no service, no electricity—just us and the breathtaking canyon country. I’m looking forward to falling asleep under the Milky Way and bonding with my fellow rangers over the challenges and beauty of the backcountry.

I’m excited to experience Canyonlands 100% unfiltered and to grow both personally and professionally through this experience. I feel so grateful that I’m able to love, appreciate, and grow in Island in the Sky.

Me giving my geology program at Grand View Point
  • Nighthawk
    Posted at 09:46h, 03 July

    Proud of you Nair!

  • Night Hakwk
    Posted at 17:15h, 03 July

    You look so cool in that picture! Good luck on your backcountry trip on the White Rim!

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