Saying Goodbye to Lincoln Boyhood

Throughout my time here at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, I have gained many different experiences that will prepare and propel me forward. All the outreach projects I have accomplished has given me new insight for working with the community and finding my own means of networking. Whether that be going out to dinner with carnival directors, making connections with a booth visitor, or even giving guided hikes, etc. There have been so many factors that I have overcome that will prepare me for future networking. Before the internship, I was not much of a people-person, after the internship talking to visitors and networking personal feels so much more natural. Not only was I able to gain insight on networking and working with the community, but I was also able to sharpen my communication skills. Working with the Latino community surrounding Lincoln Boyhood was truly an enriching experience that I will reflect and look back onto for many years to come. It gave me many new insights, redeveloped my critical thinking, sharpened my communication skills, and lastly, it was so much fun.

I want to thank Latino Heritage for giving me this opportunity to work with Rangers at Lincoln Boyhood and the surrounding Latino community. Thank you for all that pushed me out of my comfort zone here at Lincoln Boyhood. I feel very blessed to of gotten this opportunity to work with you all.

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  • Restituto Loran, Jr.
    Posted at 16:14h, 27 July

    Jaegar, it is obvious working as a Latino Heritage Intern at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial has opened your mind and heart into a new field that has greatly benefitted the community, park and you. This experience is so awesome and It has given you a taste of what the NPS ideology is about: Promote the use of the park and explain why it was developed and protect it for future generations so they too can experience an early Abe Lincoln. Well done”

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