Saying Goodbye Doesn’t Get Easier

Hi Everyone!

It’s, unfortunately, that time of year again. My internship has come to an end, and this will be the last blog post I write this season.
When I reflect on the last ten weeks as a Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP) Intern with the Flagstaff Area National Monuments, it feels a little surreal. It truly feels like my internship has just started, so it’s quite hard to believe it’s already over.

I wanted to use my last blog to take the time to thank and highlight some of my amazing coworkers and supervisors that made my internship a fun, educational, and successful experience.

In regard to my supervisors, I wanted to thank Richard Ullmann and Ryan Carpenter for being the best supervisors I have ever had. These two gentlemen are the embodiment of what it means to be a caring and supportive leader. Over the summer, each of them gave me considerable support in regard to my projects, ideas, and passions. In addition, each of these amazing gentlemen truly cares about LHIP and the importance of advocacy and representation. I know my internship experience would have been drastically different if not for them, so to be quite honest, words cannot describe how grateful I am for the two of them!

In addition to these two amazing individuals, there were several other people I wanted to recognize and thank. So to Seth, Adson, Aubrey, Tanis, Suanne, Jack, Sam, Cass, George, Devin, Michelle, and the rest of the Flagstaff Area National Monument team, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you all for the amazing memories that I’ll cherish forever. I can’t imagine what my internship would have been like without you all!

I hope that if everything works out, I’ll be back at the Flagstaff Area National Monuments in no time, and hopefully, on a permanent basis!

With everything said, lastly, I wanted to thank you (as the reader) for accompanying me on this journey and for taking the time to read my blog post. Whether you’ve read every blog I’ve written or if this is your first one, I’m grateful for you!

And as one last reminder, don’t forget to go out and explore National Parks!

– Marshall Morgan Fabara

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