San Antonio Missions Site gets World Heritage Status

As you all may be familiar with the Pyramids in Egypt, the Colosseum in Rome, and many other well known world historic places, San Antonio Missions has just been put up in that ranking class level and will be known worldwide as of ¬†July 5, 2015. NPS here at San Antonio have put in a lot of work in getting this site recognized thanks to our archaeologist Susan Snow who has spent the last 3 weeks in Germany where the World Heritage was meeting. The United Nations Cultural body approved the status as a world site. This includes all the missions and the Ranch, in which NPS takes care of and including the most famous of the Lone Star State “The Alamo”. These Missions were built by the Franciscan missionaries in the 18th century. These missions also include the culture of San Antonio of Spanish and Coahuiltecan. This means a great deal to NPS as the need base for the missions to survive is preservation. ¬†Funding will be provided to further protect the missions! It is a great day in San Antonio and for the National Park Service!

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