San Antonio Ecosystem

Hey everyone! My last blog was written about the Urban Ranger Program that I present to children in Summer Youth Programs throughout the San Antonio, TX community. In the program we learn to identify birds and trees in our ecosystem and for this blog I would like to share a little bit about the different birds and trees that we have around here and specifically the ones that we see at the community centers during the Urban Ranger Program.   Let’s begin with birds. The most common birds that we see include Great-tailed Grackles, White Winged Doves, and Mockingbirds (the official bird of Texas). Other birds that we see frequently (but not every time) include Rock Doves, Mourning Doves, and Turkey Vultures. Birds that we have seen only a couple of times include Cardinals, Blue Jays, King Birds, and Woodpeckers.   Now for trees! The trees are not focused on as much as the birds because they are less exciting for the kids. However, we have focused on Mesquite Trees mostly, then Live Oak trees, as well as Texas Red Oak and Pecan. Along with identifying these trees we talk about the Ball Moss that grows on these trees.   It has been very enriching to learn about these birds and trees and to share this with the kids that I see. This has made me want to learn much more about the native plants and animals that are living here with me.

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