Robot Hitchhiking Across the Country

Hi everyone! I want to share a weird but awesome experience I had the other day while stationed at the North Bridge. I do not know if any of you know who or what Hitchbot is, but here is an explanation as to the robot I met the other day! I know it sounds weird, but this robot is hitchhiking his way across the country, and is making his way to San Francisco. This robot has been to various places in the world, but his mission right now is to travel all over the U.S. He always has someone taking him from one location to another so he is “hitchhiking” like a living, breathing person would. He has a camera so he takes pictures of the many sights he sees. He is also equipped with a GPS, and can answer basic questions. He is testing his limits on human trust while he is entrusted from person to person to go check another site on his bucket list. One of those people who got to take him around brought him to Concord because why shouldn’t a robot see the birthplace of the American Revolution?! The amount of attention and questions surrounding this robot’s appearance at a historic site brought plenty of amusement during my shift, and his human was more than happy to explain her role in his mission. He might be making his way to one of your parks so stay alert! Who knows where he will end up. If you want any more information he has website: Keep enjoying your sites! -Karla

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