My typical day starts with me waking up at sunrise and scrambling to get dressed, packing my lunch, and eating breakfast to be at work by 6 a.m. My commute is nothing to complain about, as I usually end up at work with a couple minutes to spare. On certain days I’m the first one at the office, and have to wait to be let in.

Instead of just sitting around, I take this opportunity to walk up the hill into the meadow and watch as the sun rises above the treeline. As I take in the view, I take account of everything I have to be grateful for. The summer sun stays in the sky for a long time, and in the evenings I watch the sunset over the fields outside the house. My roommate and I will often come out together, grab a beer and pick a spot along the fence to close out the day. Virginia sunsets are beautiful, and no two days have been the same. Sunsets have become a time of reflection, peace, consistency, and familiarity.

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