Representing (pt. 3)

One of the more difficult tasks I’m dealing with is trying to figure out how to best represent Ku’uipo’s transom. The transom is the flat back end of the boat; the back of a boat is called the stern. One of the issues making it so hard is that there is a lot of material, historic and newer, that is overlapping each other.

We want to not only show the structural elements of the transom, but the repairs done by the Small Boat Shop crew and work done prior to Ku’uipo’s acquisition. We have a general idea of what’s what in there, but figuring out how to represent and delineate it all is the hard part. This is important for the goal of our Historic Structure Report, which is to document the cultural and structural history of the vessel.

Right now my goal is to try out the representational strategy I used for the port (left) and starboard (right) sides

I am thinking I can trace outlines of what each piece is and, if we know, where and when modifications or reparations were made, including a legend.

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