Remember the Revolution

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tony Rodriguez and I am and undergraduate double majoring in secondary education for history and applied in public history at Appalachian State University. I was originally born, raised, and lived in Sandusky, Ohio for nineteen years then moved to North Carolina in May 2014 and have been a citizen of North Carolina ever since to this day.

I am working for the National Park Service at Cowpens National Battlefield in Gaffney, South Carolina but I will also be at Kings Mountain National Military Park near the North and South Carolina border. My work at Cowpens National Battlefield from what I know so far consists of helping out at the main desk at the visitor center informing people about the site as well as directing them around and knowing where to go. I also help out with purchases as a cashier there and opening up the park visitor center in the morning and closing it in the evening. As for Kings Mountain National Military Park I will be performing the same duties plus helping out with summer camp visits. I also was put as the leader on the project for two podcasts I will be helping with there to promote both battlefields better. So I am expected to retain and learn as much information at both battlefields as I can that will be useful in both podcasts. As well as utilizing all resources in both sites including park ranger’s knowledge and a library that’s at Cowpens for park ranger’s use only.

And then I’ll also be in charge of leading a tour group around the battlefield not just giving the people a tour of the battlefield. But also taking about and explaining to them how the battle played out with my own spin on the information offering more information than the people may already know from the museum in the visitor center and the information signs posted around the path on the battlefield.

The picture above is of the Washington Light Infantry Monument erected in 1856 to commemorate the American victory at the Battle of Cowpens. It stands today as the earliest testament to the valor of the Patriot Army at Cowpens.

I am very excited about getting this internship with Cowpens National Battlefield and Kings Mountain Military Park because I do favor the American Revolutionary War period and Cowpens and Kings Mountain were the turning points of the war which is why it is even greater to have access to both sites. I hope you’re all as excited as I am for the future blogs to come out of both these amazing sites.

You can check out my blogs here every week at the LHIP website.

Thank You!

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