Reflecting On My Time At Cuyahoga Valley National Park

I came to Cuyahoga Valley National Park on May 19 and now I am getting ready to leave at the end of July. It is hard to believe how quickly the summer has gone by. I’ve decided to look back on this experience in photos and think about all the things I’ve experienced. I have surveyed for birds and butterflies, helped operate a banding station, hiked, kayaked, stayed up late to help with bat monitoring, glued tags to mussels, digitized decades of paper data sheets, and met people at all stages of their careers in environmental science and conservation. I am so happy to have met so many people who are passionate about conservation and more generally about their jobs. I hope to find that type of fulfillment in my future career. 

I would like to thank Mariamar Gutierrez, park biologist and my supervisor. I would also like to thank Megan Spina (Scientist in the Parks) and Sylvia Touchstone (Mosaics in Science) for sharing their projects and their summers with me.

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