Rediscovering Southern Utah!

Zion National park has practically been my backyard for my whole life. It is disappointing to say that I have only visited the park four times prior to my first day as an intern for the Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP). My first few days at the park were better than I could have ever imagined. The anxiety and excitement of starting a new job hit me right as I drove up to the entrance gate. However, throughout the day my nerves were quelled as I met my supervisors, other interns, park rangers, and numerous other staff. Everyone was friendly and made me feel welcomed. Not only that but the sheer beauty of the landscape left me in awe half the time. 


I took the path down Riverside walk for the first time ever on my second day being an intern at the park. The trail is one of the most popular trails, not just for its ease and shade, but also because it leads to one of Zion’s most notable features, the Narrows. Following the roaring flow of the Virgin river, the trail showed me a new side of Southern Utah I have yet to fully experience. This summer is going to be full of new experiences and opportunities and I’m excited to experience it all.

The upward view of a hanging garden found on the Riverside trail.




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