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I just ended week four with the environmental education team here at Rocky Mountain National Park and it is going amazingly well. I am beginning to break the barriers of being the only new staff and feel comfortable being myself more and more. I would say this is due to my contribution during my first week here making one of our team essentials revolving around “ Be Authentically You”. I think it really helped us all out! Other than that, it was a busy busy week for me. I began the week with a supervisory review of a distance learning program (which I rocked) titled “What are National Parks”. After I got the check-off and feedback I began working on the next distance learning program titled “Who Works at National Parks”. This program was a bit tricky because it has not been updated for several months and it was a lecture type of presentation. This called for some revising of the outline and PowerPoint with the help of two of my amazing peers on the environmental education team. What made this process slightly more challenging came from the fact that I would be presenting the program to homeschooling families all the way in Florida! This brought much excitement knowing it was my first distance learning presentation and also made me nervous because I wanted to succeed. I eventually got the outline and PowerPoint under my hands which then came another peer review and a supervisory. I got both checked off and was ready for the presentation on Friday and it really helped as well hearing my mentor say the students were going to love me! That’s exactly what happened too and I gave an amazing presentation! I forgot to mention that I did all this too with other weekly layers such as attending multiple meeting and going out to the field for film recording! It was truly an eventful week and I cannot wait for the next!

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