Putting our Experience on the Front End

Between last week and this week finishing up, we have been put to the test and made sure we were on our A-game. All the information about my program of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historical Trail was put to use in three events we attended, from the most important event that our organization attends to a hike out on the same trail that the Anza Expedition traveled through. These events definitely put us to the test and made sure we perform and execute perfectly for any future events we happen to have.

The first and most important event was the Pasados del Presidio located at the Presidio Park, next to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was two-day commemoration of the Presidio’s founding as a Spanish Army post, and honored the heritage of early Californian cultures—Native American, Spanish and Mexican—and the founding of El Presidio de San Francisco in 1776. There was Ohlone Basket weaving, candle making, yarn spinning, Tortilla Making and Tasting, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, Zazpiak Bat Basque Dancers, singers, and more!

The second event was held at the Peralta Hacienda, which is located in Oakland, California. The event was part of a summer camp event that offers activities and programs for kids 8-12. We set up our table with many visuals and informative pictures. We also brought our saddle to reenact the horse riding the soldados did on their expedition. I took turns putting costumes on the kids and getting them on the saddle to make them smile. Although the audience was younger ,we always reach to fulfill our goals and hopefully change one life.

The last event was a hike in Coyote Valley, which is south of the city of San Jose. With the help of my supervisor, we led the group of hikers that volunteered to come with us on the hike. We would stop and give out historical facts about the Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition and a few about the natural resources around us. It was a great experience to get out of the office for a hike and get to know people who were interested in knowing more about the Anza Trail Expedition.


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