Projects, Projects, Projects…

(From left to right: Jane Mark- Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District’s Planning Manager, Estrella Sainburg- Outdoor Recreational Planner for the Anza trail, Mattea Ottoboni- Midpeninsula’s Planner II, Jared Hart- Midpeninsula’s Senior Planner, Elizabeth Morales- Anza Trail Planning Intern, Kelly Gibson- Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Associate Planner, and Naomi Torres- Anza Trail Superintendent) 

This photo was taken during a site visit to Rancho San Antonio County Park and Open Space Preserve and Highway 17. We are standing on Alma Bridge Rd., a street off of Highway 17 where the Highway 17 Wildlife and Trail Crossing Project will be taking place at. The purpose for the site visit was to be informed about Midpeninsula’s project goals to realign two existing Anza trail segments. 

WOW! What a start to my full first month as a trail planning intern for the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. Throughout the course of my first month, I have developed the skills and knowledge needed to begin diving into impactful projects that will be part of my legacy when I leave the Anza team. The goals for my project are to create greater accessibility of information to the Anza recreational retracement trail, further relationships and engagement of existing partnerships, and increase awareness of interpretive themes among trail partnerships and relevancy. To achieve this, I will be engaging with these core micro-projects as follows:

  1. By navigating through GIS data and tools, I can continue the research and data collection for the Anza trail’s gaps in cities the trail passes through. The purpose of this is to close any gaps as much as possible and strive to provide more information and data on city trails to refer to in the future when locating potential partnerships. Furthermore, this research and data collection allows us to identify existing trail segments that are missing certification agreements or certificate agreements that have expired and will need updating. This will in turn allow for a more continuous recreational retracement trail. 
  2. To address greater accessibility of information to the Anza trail, I will be assisting in creating “Things To Do” pages on the NPS website and app. The Things To Do pages feature certified Anza trail segments and informs of activity details, locations, and accessibility information. Creating the resource, as such, will demonstrate to our partners our commitment to creating community around the Anza expedition through different narratives. If you are curious on what a Thing To Do page includes, click here to see one example of what we are striving for!
  3. Last, I will work to develop a trails plan that the Anza trail team can utilize and share with partners. The goal for the trail plan is to visually show a rough projection of the vision the team has for the continuous Anza recreational retracement trail and create a prioritization of trail partnerships. Partners will be able to gain insight to our vision for the trail and if potential routes in the trail plan align with their comprehensive plans. If our projections do not align with partners, we can always make adjustments. 


What a list of core projects that tie with the main goal for my internship project, right? I look forward to sharing my work as I progress. Thank you! 

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