Project Reveal Time!

Hi everyone! This blog post will be a short and sweet.

Over the past three weeks, I have been brainstorming on what art related projects to complete at Rocky Mountain National Park. My “big idea” is to develop a video documenting all of the art work visitors are creating at the park. As I lead programs, I will ask the participants permission to take videos or recordings of what they made and compile it into a mini movie. Programs will be conducted in each of the parks four ecosystems: Riparian Land, Montane Forest, Subalpine Forest, and Alpine Tundra. The hope is to see if different ecosystems effect the type of art created.
The working title is “Through My Eyes: Our Rockies”.

Current Art in the Park ideas for programs include:

-Breathe, Write, Repeat (nature journaling)
-Capturing the Rockies (photography and/or sketching with wildlife identifications)
-Rocky Mountain Stretches (influenced by the natural area)
-Clay and Paint (air-dry clay making of animals)
-Coloring in the Park (coloring pages of different flora and fauna)
-Postcards (custom design a postcard with watercolor paint)
-Becoming a Bird (creating bird masks or nests)
-Hike and Paint (guided hike to paint with watercolor)
-Be a Nature Fashion Designer (use the flora and fauna to inspire an outfit design)

Riparian Land- cub lake
Montane Forest-Moraine park
Subalpine Forest- Bear lake
Alpine Tundra-Alpine visitor center

First pop-up program of the season!

Last week, Amy (Fish & Feathers Intern) and I went around the park asking visitors if they wanted to color. We had images of the different wildlife in the park and asked if they had seen any and discussed some quick facts.


Stop 1: Alluvial Fan 

Stop 2: Hidden Valley: Junior Ranger Headquarters

Stop 3: Moraine Park Discovery Center

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