Prep for July

YCC Intern giving her Critter Chat Program

Hello! So this week was a pretty short week, but still very busy. I luckily had a four-day weekend because of the 4th of July, but that definitely didn’t slow down the week. I am still prepping for the Latino Conservation Week here at the Grand Canyon. It has been taking me a little while to finalize everything because I am also still helping the interns with their program prep. This week we had our second intern give a program! Her program was the Critter Chat, and she talked about how different animals here in the Canyon have different adaptations for each ecosystem. We have about five different ecosystems here, so we have a variety of animals here! The program went well, and I thought she was really great with the children that showed up to her program. The next day, Tarryn and I did some grocery shopping for our Rim-to-Rim trip that we are doing with the interns. The trip will start on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and we will hike back to the South Rim within four days. I am very excited! A little nervous, but more nervous about the heat. We will be hiking very very very early in the morning to avoid it, so I’m not too worried. Our grocery shopping ate up most of the day, though, because we had to sort all of the food and package it for the mules to take down to the bunkhouses in the inner-canyon, so we wouldn’t have to worry about that weight. It was time-consuming, but well worth it since we packed at least 60 pounds worth of food in different boxes.

First Aid!

For our Education Day we went on another hike, but this time we had bigger backpacks on so that the interns could get a feel for the backpacking trip. Afterwards we had First Aid training, so now we can have multiple people prepared for an emergency. That’s really all for this week. Plenty of pictures to come for next week!

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