Potlucks, Mormon Row & Hospital Rooms

Every week I keep telling myself that my time here in Wyoming can’t get any more exciting than it already is…and then you get hit with curve balls left and right. This past week  I can honestly say has been one of the most eventful times during my internship here at Grand Teton National Park. It started off with the park-wide potluck on Friday June 18th at the Highlands, which is one of our staff housing areas. The potluck in itself was amazing, and getting the opportunity to catch up with friends who we had met during the two weeks of orientation, but after we were placed and given schedules, no longer had the chance to see everyday, was even better. It was also a lot of fun getting to meet new people who work at Park Headquarters and other districts and divisions and to chat with them about possible ways of getting involved in other areas. A big surprise was getting the opportunity to officially meet the superintendent, David Vela, who I hadn’t been able to meet because he’s super busy with all the amazing things getting done here at GTNP. The day after, my roommate Vanessa and I planned a stargazing party at Mormon Row here at the park with a couple of friends who are interns, rangers, and even working on the trail crewimage4 and headquarters. It’s actually funny, because we hadn’t really known much about Mormon Row. One day Vanessa and I drove out to see what it was all about and take pictures. We even got to witness a couple taking their wedding pictures out in front of one the barns. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, Mormon Row is actually a pretty neat site because its histoimage3ry, which includes the Moulton Barn. I figured that because it was pretty much an open area and didn’t look like it had many visitors, that it would be a great idea to stargaze out there one night. After thinking about it and getting some blankets, snack, and drinks, we made invitations and invited all our friends. That night we got to see a beautiful double sunset, hear some of the coyotes, and even saw shooting stars, even though the forecast said it would be cloudy all night. Looks like luck was on our side though. Unfortunately, my luck ended on Sunday morning when I was taken to the hospital with a sharp image8pain in my abdomen.  I spent a week out of work. Thanks to my supervisor Clay Hanna, also known as “dad”,  drove me back and forth to and from the hospital and doctors appointments. Larry, who is our Mama Bear, checked in on me every day and Aimee, Clay’s wife, stepped in and texted me almost every minute of the day to make sure I was well. Last but definitely not least, my amazing roommate and partner in crime, my roommate Vanessa who even though she worked every single day, still came home and showed me support. I always say, family isn’t always blood related but can be those people who go out of their way to make sure you feel loved and cared for. I definitely know that I have a forever family here in Wyoming. So this week, I dedicate this blog to my family here at the Preserve. Until the next adventure.

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