Rocky cliff in foreground, small lighthouse and neighboring white structures with red roofs in midground, and fog visible in background.

Planning a Guided Tour to the Lighthouse- Alícia Kelley

For my final project in the Latino Heritage Internship Program, I will be leading a guided tour to the Point Reyes Lighthouse during Latino Conservation Week (LCW). LCW takes place during July 17-25 2021 and it aims to support the Latinx community by creating opportunities for them to go outdoors and to protect natural resources.

White lighthouse with large windows, black railings, and a red roof. Fog is  visible in background.
Point Reyes Lighthouse

My event is designed to be an opportunity for the Latinx population to explore the wonders of Point Reyes National Seashore. I hope to welcome new Latinx visitors so they can form a connection with this national park. The lighthouse is the most visited location at the park, so I found it suitable to have a tour there. In addition to the guided tour, I will be making several posts on social media during Latino Conservation Week.

Red cylindrical structure with lens attached at the top.
View of Inside the Point Reyes Lighthouse

I visited the lighthouse in order to prepare for this event. I learned that it was built in 1870 and was in use for 105 years! Lighthouses warn mariners of rocky shores, and also help them identify their location. The lens and mechanism of the Point Reyes Lighthouse were constructed in France in 1867 while the clockwork mechanism, glass prisms, and housing were shipped from South America. The US Coast Guard then installed an automated light which is still used today. The lighthouse was restored from 2018-2019. The tower’s lantern and roof were rebuilt and the lens and clockwork mechanism were reconstructed during this time.

Point Reyes Lighthouse Clockwork

There are 313 steps from the observation deck to the lighthouse, which means that going up and down the stairs is a nice workout! Binoculars are useful for spotting birds, sea lions, and perhaps even some whales. I look forward to learning more about the lighthouse as I continue to plan this guided tour.

More detailed information on the Point Reyes Lighthouse can be found here:

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