Peaceful reflections by Sloan’s lake – Paola Hinojosa

My first week in Colorado has been amazing! I have been warmly welcomed by my new neighbors and my supervisor, Krista Muddle. Thank you all for your kindness!

Selfie with Paola (left) and Krista (right)

To be frank, I felt homesick the first few days I arrived: I miss the beaches of Southern California. However, I am aware that with change, it is valid to long for home. I am merely human! I decided to connect with Colorado by scouting the local parks. I came across Sloan’s Lake Park located in Denver, CO and was instantly struck by the great body of water and wildlife that call it home. I heard shrieking from a Red-winged Blackbird so I paid attention and it gave me a show by flaunting its red and yellow shoulder markings.

Red-winged Blackbird spotted at Sloan’s Lake

I stayed to watch the sunset and the gaggle of geese swimming by which inspired me to revisit an old teacher – Bob Ross. I will familiarize myself with Colorado by painting its landscape. Painting reminds me to take things day by day and appreciate my surroundings in order to feel grounded. Currently, I am working remotely and until COVID restrictions lift in my office, I plan to work outside in nature. I believe it is important to find creative ways to navigate new territories.

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  • Sarah Hill
    Posted at 19:08h, 04 June

    This is wonderful, Paola! I’m so happy and excited for you!

    -Dr. Hill

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