Patchogue Alive After Five: Take Two!

IMG_1473After having completed our first attendance of Patchogue’s Alive After Five two weeks ago, this week has been devoted to preparation of engaging activities for our table representing Fire Island National Seashore! Upon reflection, we had decided to change up our activities to engage a broader audience in a way that was both fun and informational. One of our biggest table-top exhibits was the small Junior Artists table that drew in some of the young artists in the area; we found a small audience that was also prepared to enter in our Children’s Centennial Art Contest! We allowed the children to have to opportunity to sketch, paint or color a small portrait that they could then take home as a momento of the night, or they could enter into the art contest for the chance to win and have their artwork displayed in our Watch Hill Ferry Terminal! IMG_1438This week’s Alive After Five event brought in new vendors, local stores and community groups, so we had a bit of a larger attendance at our table. Many familiar faces seemed to return to us to comment on their recent trips to Fire Island, or especially to ask about upcoming volunteering opportunities! For instance, we always need volunteers to help care for our Pollinator Garden, located at the Watch Hill Ferry Terminal in Patchogue, as well as for our Beach Cleanups that take place about once every month or two. These events have proven to be very helpful in strengthening the relationship between Fire Island National Seashore and the surrounding Long Island Communities, as we work together to keep our shores, waters and lands clean and healthy, while also preserving the natural beauty of New York. I would definitely encourage all those interested in getting involved in any volunteering opportunities here on Long Island, NY to contact our Centennial Volunteer Embassador, Nicole Goloff, or our Volunteer Coordinator, Irene Rosen, at 1-631-687-4780 for more information.IMG_1471

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