Patchogue: Alive After Five Kick-Off!

As the summer comes to a start, so do some of the community events here on Long Island, NY. After a festive, and slightly rainy, Fourth of July weekend, Patchogue began preparations for Alive After Five, a free summer street festival that takes place on Main Street here in Patchogue that features local vendors, musicians, artists, businesses and organizations that cater family-friendly activities, food and music throughout the night. You can imagine it as a HUGE block party for the entire town of Patchogue, as well as neighboring towns and communities, where all are welcome to join in the festivities and visitors are welcome to join in the fun!

AAF FIIS Nicole and KaetyAAF Kaileigh This week started the preparations for the Alive After Five events occurring every other Thursday, and the Fire Island National Seashore has to be sure to present a table that is both informative and fun. I was accompanied with the Centennial Volunteer Ambassador for Fire Island, Nicole Goloff, as well as Park Planner Kaetlyn Jackson, to work the Fire Island National Seashore table as well as to determine what kind of activities would draw in a crowd and peak their interest in learning more about Fire Island. After some careful consideration, we decided to utilize activities that would appeal to all ages; National Parks Service coloring pages, National Parks Service Jeopardy, a sand activity, a butterfly decorating activity and a selfie picture frame station. This week’s event served as a learning experience as well, as this event AAF Supplieswould serve as a template for future outreach events so that we could add or tweak any of our activities and information. As it was my first time, as well as some of the other staff members’ first time attending this event, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect, or what the public would be interested in. We were able to learn what else we needed to bring to the next events, as well as what we really didn’t have to bring based on feedback from our visitors. Equipped with this new information, as well as a bit more experience, the Alive After Five events to follow will definitely be much more fun and successful!

AAF FIIS table

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