Hi, my name is Olivia Caro, and I’m graduating from Grinnell College on Monday! I’ve been studying studio art these past four years and just turned in my very last project today, so I’m really starting to get excited to spend my summer at Homestead National Monument of America in Beatrice, Nebraska. I will not start until next Monday, that way I can join the park-wide training session before starting my own projects. I will be working with their archives, and working a lot with their digital photograph collection specifically. I was interested in this position because I started working in the Special Collections and Archives at Grinnell my first year of college, and I loved it. I’m interested to see how the archives of a National Park differ from those of a small college, and to see how they fit into the National Park in general. My favorite hiking spot growing up was at a National Park, and it’s always kind of been a dream of mine to get to work in such a cool place! I’m also excited that this position happens to be in the Midwest, where I’ve spent all my college years but never spent a summer on the prairie, as I’m originally from Georgia. I think it will be a beautiful place to be, and so different from the prairie during the winter and fall. I’m excited to start packing and actually feel like I’m going! (Here’s a picture of me making paper in one of my Studio Art classes.)    

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