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Hello everyone!

My projects at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial include contacting the neighbouring cities surrounding Lincoln Boyhood and attending events happening in those cities. For example, my first project (which is the biggest) is happening in Dale, Indiana and it is a Latino Carnival on June 23 & 24. I had dinner with the Dale carnival directors and it was an amazing experience to have. I got to meet the Dale sheriff at the dinner as well as the three female directors organising the carnival. It was a great way for me to step out of my comfort zone as well as starting to understand networking. At the carnival, I will be setting up a “Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial” booth in order to promote the use of the memorial. I will have fun and engaging activities planned for children and adults who are interested in the booth while also communicating to them that Lincoln Boyhood is a place for you and your family to unwind.

My next project involves the Huntingburg Public Library, I called the library and was able to speak with the youth director about “Reading with a Ranger”. On July 8th, I will be reading with the summer reading youth group. Doing so will involve reading picture books about Abraham Lincolns youth while also bringing JR Ranger booklets, which have many engaging activities inside. The goal is to get the children and their parents to the memorial 🙂

My third project consist of networking with Alaci (still in the works). The Alaci director came to Lincoln Boyhood, I was able to create a plan with her regarding the Latino children who speak frequent Spanish, but little of English. Sometime in July, I would be hosting an event inside the memorial which the children and family would arrive on a school bus for a tour. The tour would be in English and Spanish to help educate those young children on who Abraham Lincoln was and why this memorial is here.

These are a couple of projects that I’ve been arranging. I am very excited for these and future events!

PS: My featured picture is of 4,000 trees that were planted for wildlife. I thought this was SO COOL! 🙂



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