Outreach Projects | Conclusion

The first outreach project Latino Carnival can be explored in its own blog post: latino-carnival

The Second outreach project Reading with a Ranger (2) took place at the Huntingburg Public Library and Dale Public Library. I emailed both libraries youth directors, both of them agreed to my proposal. I proposed Lincoln Boyhood Interns reading to the summer youth group. I told them the picture book would be read in Spanish and English to encourage this exposure to the young children. Both directors loved the idea of reading an Abraham Lincoln children’s book to the children as well as doing a colouring activity with the kiddos after the reading. Once everyone was done, each child got a junior ranger pin as a prize! Bringing awareness to Spanish speaking in children so young will help develop “building bridges” as it can be seen as something educational to such a young audience.

The Third outreach project Latino Conservation Week Event took place right inside Lincoln Boyhood. In order to host an event at the park, I met with my supervisor and confirmed the event with the superintendent. I brainstormed ideas for the booth set up and the activity I had planned. Once all was set up, I communicated behind the booth regarding Latino Conservation week and why this week is about supporting latino communities to the visitors. Since I was located in the visitor center, I had a lot of traffic come my way. Which means, more people were able to learn about the importance of this week. The one thing that grabbed the attention of a lot of families was the activity I had set up. The activity included a large world map with writing: “How much do you know?” “Point to a Spanish speaking country and WIN A PRIZE! While people finished the activity and grabbed their prize I would then talk to them about Latino Conservation and why I’m set up here.  Also I had a poster set up in the middle of the booth that visitors signed in recognition of Latino Conservation week. It was great to bring awareness to Latino Conservation to those that didn’t know this even existed.

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