Out of the island, in to the north.

It is the first time I will be out of my country for more than 2 weeks. Living in a tropical island makes you attach yourself to certain features, faces, flavors and senses you don’t get in the north. Although Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S. (an interesting topic to discuss apart), we are our own mixture of exclusive things you can’t feel when you are outside. Of course, it was just the other day I arrived here and some might think I am being dramatic, but when you take a jíbara out into something new, there is a lot to say and write. 13383414_1011215982247721_1279455591_oAs I wrote, this is my first time outside the country for months, my second in D.C., and my first as an intern. I am more than exited to be part of this journey and I cannot be less proud of myself. There is a lot of competition out here, but I always say that when you achieve something, you just have to keep achieving higher. So far, I have learned various aspects of the Department of the Interior, my bureau, the National Park Service, and of course, about the work that is done here at the office of communications. I have met other interns from different cultural backgrounds and we have exchanged experiences, stories and abilities. imageHere at the office we will design and collaborate in projects about community outreach and strategies to get more attention from the public in certain areas. In my case, I will focus on the Hispanic community. I am thrilled to see what will come with the next weeks, the people I will meet and the experiences I will gain. I have meet really nice people in this rude city. District of Columbia has an enchanting history and beautiful places to visit. I am ready to face new challenges, grow as a person and acquire professional experiences in the following months.

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