Opportunities for Growth!

Being at the park I have been given several opportunities to explore different positions offered at the National Park Service (NPS). So far I have received hands-on experience in assisting several division within natural resources such as, Hazard Tree Survey Crew, Inventory and Monitoring crew, tree demographics crew, and educational outreach.

I have learned so far the different complexities and levels of assessments that vary from several positions previously mentioned. For instance, analyzing the impacting factors on a tree’s health in with such emphasis to a more simplified surveys determining if the tree is alive or dead. Each position ranges differently on how they assess tree health and other indicators revolving forest conditions.

Learning new forms of methods/protocols that federal agencies utilize is beneficial to crossover in my academic career and my Sugar Pine research project. The internship is arranged to give the interns endless opportunities for growth and is very flexible depending on the intern’s interest.

I highly recommend this opportunity for emerging Latinos such as myself you will not regret it!


Till then, ¡adios!

Jonathan Tejeda


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